2020: expected publication of textile factory book

2020 also promises to be a memorable year for the ter Kuile family. After (a lot of) work by family members and the historian Bas Willink, we expect the publication of the book on the history of the textile factories of ter Kuile in the fall of 2020. The book will be presented in an appropriate manner.

Bas Willink was also present at the anniversary in De Lutte and has spoken with family members to hear more details. The seven chapters are now ready in draft. The reading committee of the family reacts in various reading rounds to factual accuracy and readability.

Project manager Judith Gallandat Huet (Nicotak) coordinates all responses and will soon supervise the production of the book. In contrast to the more private Anniversary Book, this book will be available commercially. All archive material about the textile factories of ter Kuile is still welcome. Donations for the production of the book are also greatly appreciated. The book is entirely made possible by donations from family members. Send an e-mail for this to terkuilefonds@gmail.com and we will contact you. Or donate directly via NL98ABNA0813.0956.70 in the name of The Ter Kuile Fund, quoting Textile Factories.

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